Pop Art in Wuerzburg

JR_Mueller_WeuerzburgWuerzburg show three years after the James Rizzi died.

fans miss James Rizzi a lot. His uncomplicated and happy way of life is for us today what James Rizzi will be forever. After his death the galler Gabriele Müller in Wuerzburg presents a show with fanstastic memory pieces, new 3D art works and some highlights.

From Saturday 15th of November until 15th of December the exhibition runs in the centre of Wuerzburg. Come and visit one of James Rizzis favorite gallery.


JAMES RIZZI latest work & special

Plakat-Rizzi-Lugeck-2014-webRizzis Art works show his love to New York,

the city, where he is born 1950 and which inspired him always for new steps. From 1969 – 1974 he graduaded at University of Florida in Gainesville in the class for classic art. During 40 years of his fantastic carrer he developed his own characteristic style. Always colorful, lot of details and rich of stories and figures.

Rizzi lived and worked until his death on December 26th in 2011 in his Atelier-Loft in New York, SoHo.


James Rizzi and Patrick Preller in Zell



Colorful Pop Art Buildings and Monster Objects in the Arthus Galerie

The gallery ARTHUS presents for the first time the international Pop-ART artist James Rizzi from New York in cooperation with the German artist Patrick Preller. For the opening Dr. Friedhelm Häring, Museumsdirektor a.D., Friedberg will present the wonderful art works.

On Saturday, 15.11.2014, at 5p.m. all guests are welcome at ARTHUS Galerie ZELL.


Unforgetable James Rizzi

JR_Kocken3Come to Galerie Kocken and see James Rizzi Pop Art

Three years after James Rizzi died and three years after the last Rizzi exhibition in the gallery Kocken we present you now a fantastic show. It´s time to show all guests and fand the happy, colourful work of the artist. with our huge respect.

In einer umfassenden Ausstellung holt Rizzi mit seinen berühmten, detailreichen 3D-Grafiken die Menschen des Big Apples nach Kevelaer.

Die Galerie Kocken zeigt ab dem 26. Oktober seltene Unikate, bekannte und unbekannte handsignierte 3D-Grafiken und neue zertifizierte Grafiken, die von Rizzi noch entworfen, aber erst nach seinem Tod fertig gestellt wurden.

Die Ausstellung wird wochentags von 10-18:00 Uhr, samstags von 10-14:00 Uhr und sonntags von 14-17:00 Uhr zu besichtigen sein.



GalerieZettl_Einladung_2014_10_11The Rizzi Wall travels to Bavaria

After Berlin and Mainz the Rizzi wall will now transported to Oberlindhardt in Bavaria. The Gallery Zettl is presenting on a special location the Rizzi Wall on October 11th at 2p.m. During the installation of the wall also new 3D art works of 2014 will be presented in the interior of the gallery.  The piece of the Berlin Wall stood since the repainting at the famous Checkpoint Charlie and has been presented during the big Rizzi exhibtion 2014 in the centre of Mainz.

Attend the event when the crane installs the wall with its weight of 3,8 tonnes. A 4 meter crane places the wall at the new exhibition space.


James Rizzi Art Exhibition – LOVE AND PEACE FOR BOCHOLT –

Endfassung_2_Plane_ArtNetwork_2014_11_19Beautiful start into the autumn.

With colourful art works of the always happy artist James Rizzi the summer athmosphere comes back to Bocholt in September.

From September 27th until November 30th the Kunsthandel Koenen ART NETWORK presents in their showroom in the Karolingerstreet 32 in Bocholt not only famous and well known art works. A huge number of new art works in 3D and also very last pieces, before the artist died, can be seen in this show.

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Extension of James Rizzi Exhibition

1401Good News for all Rizzi fans:
The exhibition James Rizzi in the Frankfurter Hof in Mainz will be extended until September 14th. Until the moment the exhibitors counted more than 15.000 visitors. The offered guides tours through the exhibition are book out every day. To be shure to get a ticket just reserve your guided tour on the web platform. The mainzplus CITYMARKETING GmbH decided to extend the exhibition for 3 weeks.



Extended Exhibition: Summer of Love Mix 2014

Plakat_Fabrik_RizziJAMES RIZZI, EWEN GUR and JANOSCH in Bonn

Galerie Firla in Bonn invites you cordially to the annual summer exhibition and opening on july 11th. This year the exhibition will take place in the Fabrik 45/factory 45 at Hochstadenring 45, Bonn. Next to the presentation of the 3D artworks of James Rizzi, there will be original paintings on canvas of the new Street Art Star Ewen Gur. Also the artist Janosch with etchings and originals on paper, as well as art works of Siegfried Firla can be seen in the Fabrik 45.

The exhibition runs until 03th of August. Opening on July 11th.


A colourful part of the Berlin Wall in Mainz

MainzA colourful part of the Berlin Wall in Mainz now

The special thing of this wall is: the wall is designed and created by the New York pop art genius James Rizzi. For the 20th jubilee for the fall of the Berlin Wall 2009 James Rizzi created his own version of a Berlin Wall. The „Rizzi-Wall“, a porcelain miniatur is designed over and over with symbold of peace and love, shows directly how Rizzis vision was –  overcoming borders and walls by the mediums peace and love.

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James Rizzi – The New York Artist Studio

JR_AtelierRetrospective exhibition in Mainz: „James Rizzi – The New York Artist Studio“

James Rizzi is back: From  July 18th until August 28th 2014 more than 500 art works of the estate of the New York Pop Art artist James Rizzi will be shown in the Frankfurter Hof Mainz – some of the art works are shown for the very first time in a public exhibition.

JR_Mainz_2This is not the only highlight: Related to the exhibition title, the focus on this retrospective is the private life of the artist, who died in 2011. A modern panorama and original furniture of the Rizzi´s Studio Loft will transmit a very personal impression of Rizzis living and working space in the famous New York district Soho.

Some further highlights of the show are last created, as well as incompleted paintings.

See you soon in Mainz! More informations you will get here