Summer Mix 2015

JR_Firla_2015Artists of the gallery Firla

Jedes Jahr im Juli präsentiert die Galerie Firla ihre Künstler in der Fabrik 45 in Bonn. Die Ausstellung der Galerie Firla in der Fabrik 45 zeigt unter anderem einige Raritäten von JAMES RIZZI, darunter Highlights wie NEW YORK CITY – A MARATHON FOR ALL- und 81 RIZZI PRINTS ON THE WALL.

Zusammen mit den noch lieferbaren Grafiken des Künstlers und den posthum erschienenen, drucksignierten Grafiken bilden wir einen eindrucksvollen Überblick über das Schaffen James Rizzis.

Opening friday 3rd of July 2015 at 7 p.m. with music of the Red Baron Carol Knauber/Klaus Major
Location: Fabrik 45 Hochstadenring 45 53119 Bonn

Exhibition: 4th of July 2015 – 26th of July 2015, monday until friday 4-8 p.m., saturday and sunday 11a.m. until 6 p.m..



Einladung_JamesRizzi_MAIL_VSOpening & Exhibition James Rizzi

James Rizzi was during his lifetime one of the most popular artist, a real „Pop Artist“. He became famous through his invention of the 3D-construction on paper and the 3D-magnetic objects. Since the 1970s those inventions are always connected with his art. After he died in 20111 the requests for his art work exploded enormous. The exhibition starts with the opening on Wendesday  24.6.2015 at 7p.m.. We are glad to present the artist in Göttingen at gallery Nottbohm and welcome all guests and friends cordially to this special event.


Enjoy art always new

Rizzi  JPEG Ostsee_Galerie_05-2015James Rizzi exhibition at Timmendorf Beach

Getreu dem Motto Kunst immer wieder neu Erleben präsentiert die Ostseegalerie am Timmendorfer Strand ab dem 27. Juni Werke von James Rizzi. Besuchen Sie die Galerie direkt an der Strandpromenade und feiern Sie den Künstler und seine Kunst.

Neue 3D Werke, Highlights, wie auch Unikate aus seiner letzten Schaffensphase sind zu sehen.

Weitere Informationen zur Ausstellung erhalten Sie unter: wie auch telefonisch unter +49 4503-704041


Santa Claus Vernissage in Hamburg

In the Walentowski gallery “Udo Lindenberg & More” in Hamburg a selcetion of original paintings and handsigned prints will be presented from 06th – 31th of December 2012. A brand new series of new 3D artworks can be seen for the very first time in public.

The opening takes place on December 06th from 6 until 9 p.m..


Rizzi in the border triangle

Rizzis World will be presented from 06th of October until 31st of December 2012 in a special exhibition in the Gallery Bohn in Lörrach. The opening will take place on 5th of October  at 7p.m.. All fans and visitors from Germany, France and Switzerland are warmly welcome.
Next to original paintings visitors will find 3D constructions from the past 5 years, as well as the new edition, the signed imprited edition. The new Rizzi calendar, porcelain of Goebel, books and further products of the artist are also available in the gallery.


14.000 visitors in Heimbach

The first official exhibiton in memoriam for James Rizzi has been visited by nearly 14.000 visitors. The international art academy of  Heimbach/Eifel had a growd of people especially on weekends. School classes, families and art travelers have been able to visit an unique exhibition with art pieces, which have never been shown before.

On sunday 17th of June the eshibition closed sucessfully.  


James Rizzi Fila Sneakers


My New York City – 1. Auflage bald vergriffen

The art city guide and the practical city guide “My New York city” are almost sold. The 1st edition was bought within 3 months successfully in the German-speaking countries by Rizzi and NewYork fans. Order last city guides in our Onlineshop. Unfortunately you have to be patient until you will get the next edition, but the book is than also available in other languages.